Marines playing baseball in Afghanistan is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen




This is the real Sandlot. Instead of PF Flyers they have boots and instead of bicycles they have tanks. Look at how cool these photos are. These guys take badass to whole another level.  Fighting for our country and putting their lives on the line to protect ours while we fathom about Grammy performances, sports stars talking shit, and why our lives are terrible because we hate our jobs. Lets stop bitching and have some respect for these guys.

Nothing better than seeing the Marines hold down America’s pastime in that shit stain on the map known as Afghanistan. These guys rule and I’m glad I got to see these photos. Semper Fi.

I wish somebody was there to play Green Onions for these war heroes…I still and will always get goosebumps from this scene…

And would someone sack the fuck up and send them a Wendy Peffercorn?…I mean a mail order bride from Russia couldn’t be too expensive right? Just make sure she is blonde and is fluent in English, then ship her to the Marines base in Afghanistan instead of America….


By: Dago Joe


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