Madden NFL 25 picks Superbowl Winner

Madden NFL 25 Superbowl simulation picks Broncos over the Seahawks 31-28

Electronic Arts’ annual Superbowl Simulation has been run in Madden NFL 25 and the results shouldn’t surprise any football fans. The Denver Broncos are predicted to beat the Seattle Seahawks with a score of 31-28. I think that’s actually in Seattle’s favor when considering the current betting line. Considering EA’s simulation has proven correct in eight of the last ten years, I think it’s safe to say Denver the favorite to win!

In snowy weather conditions, Seattle is able to put a kibosh on Denver’s offense in the first half of the game. Sherman is even able to intercept Manning to end a second quarter run, leaving the half in Seattle’s favor 10-7. Manning’s Superbowl experience really picks up in the third quarter, however, as Denver puts up 14 unanswered points to go up 21-10. Seattle makes one a huge push in the fourth, tying the game at 28-28 to end regulation with a two-point conversion as the clock expired.

Rory Young – Monday, January 27, 2014 3:41pm (PST)Image

“The annual simulation has been correct 8 out of the last 10 years.”

The only reason Seattle even has a shot is because of shitty weather. They are gonna run the shit outta the ball against Denver’s subpar defense, setting up big play action plays. Snow may also have a negative effect on Peyton’s throwing abilities. But I honestly doubt that. I’ll take Madden 25’s pick and the fact the Money May is going the extra mile to put 10.4 Mill on the Broncos using offshore accounts. The Broncos are the better team. Then again, I thought the Niners were the better team going into the NFC Championship and they choked (as well as no help whatsoever from the refs).

With that said, this is Manning’s year. He will not lose this game. I bet he puts up record numbers despite the shitty weather. Denver covers and takes home the Lombardi Trophy. I’ll set the number of blunts Von (Blipster) Miller smokes after the victory at 5. Molly caps, 4.




By: Dago Joe


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