Pablo Slimming Down

Giants general manager Brian Sabean recently suggested that the prospect of a huge payday after the 2014 campaign could’ve compelled portly third baseman Pablo Sandoval to lose some weight this offseason, according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.

“Perhaps his pending free agency might be his best medicine,” said Sabean.

Sandoval, who’s spent the last six seasons with the Giants, has struggled to manage his weight throughout his career, and Sabean recently said he’d only consider a contact extension with Sandoval if the 27-year-old reports to spring training in shape. With free agency looming, Sandoval obviously heeded Sabean’s advice, and recently posted a photo of himself looking considerably slimmer.

By Jonah Birenbaum on Jan 26 2014, 7:15 AM


Pablo on Instagram straight flexin’. I’m glad he is finally getting into shape again, but lets be honest, once he signs a contract to abort his free agency, I guarantee he puts the weight back on. Is Pablo a better player when he is slimmer? Any fan could argue that 1. He is faster and 2. He is a better fielder. But is he a better hitter? I would say no. A fat man is a happy man because he gets to eat what he wants, when he wants. If he’s happy, he’s hitting well.

Look at that happy Panda…


Now, what does he make the big bucks for? To hit the shit outta the baseball. HITTING. So, Sabean coming out of left field saying free agency is lighting a fire under Pablo’s ass completely diminishes the reason why he is paying him in the first place. He hits better when he’s fat, so let him eat! Stop trying to Perkisize Pablo!

Let the Big Panda eat!

By: Dago Joe


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