Sherman Dominates jersey trash reporter…

Listen to how dumb this chick sounds…

“All of yous football guys goin inta the strip club…and throwin, RAIning down on these strippers, I think that’s a bad example for arr yung ladies, how can we stop that? Cause I think its a bahd example that we settin for arr young girls that they need to be strippas. How do we deal with that issue?”

Wow lady, do yourself a favor and never talk again. Here you are trying to blow up Sherman’s spot after he’s been under the microscope since his post NFC Championship rant. And instead of accomplishing your goal of embarrassing him, you embarrassed yourself by sounding dumber than Miss Teen USA from South Carolina in 2007. Ahhhhhhh…….DERFFFFF!

For the record, I hate Richard Sherman.

Sherman +1,000

Full Retard Jersey reporter -1,000

By: Dago Joe


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