Who Surfed Better?

JJ Watt at the Pro Bowl…

Or Beyonce at the Grammys…

I’ve watched Beyonce’s performance about 50 times now, and she’s a hard 10 no doubt. Holy Toledo, what a perfect fuckin body. She plays craps and rolls double 5’s every time. HARD 10, HARD 10, HARD 10. I’m mesmerized.

Ok lets move back to, Who Surfed Better?

I’m gonna have to give this one to JJ… Why you ask? He paddles hard, pops up quicker than my little D watching Beyonce perform, and his stance is perfect. Guy isn’t fuckin around. Beyonce is simply swinging those fine hips of hers back and forth, which is fine with me, but that isn’t even close to good form Yonce.

JJ Watt +1

Beyonce + whatever the fuck she wants because she’s Queen B

56th GRAMMY Awards - ShowBeyonce-Jay-Z-Backstage-Grammy-Awards-2014beyonce1 beyonce3

By: Dago Joe


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