Superbowl Wives/Girlfriends Smokesmash

First lets do a WR matchup…

Jessie James-Pop country star/Eric Decker’s wife


Elise Pollard-Girfriend of Golden TateImageImageImageImageImage

Two ABSOLUTE dimes. Talk about a couple lucky motherufckers. Both of these girls are fun sized, have perfect bodies, great smiles, and are cute and sexy at the same time. I’m gonna have to go with Jamie on this one. Jamie wins because she is pop country star, she is famous without Decker, and she’s sexier than Elise.

Broncos +1

Next up, WR vs CB….

Anna Welker-Wife of Wes



Ashley Lillian Moss- Girlfriend of Richard ShermanImageImageImageImage

No contest. Welker’s wife, Anna, all day. I threw in the last photo of Sherman to show how much of an overachiever he is. Ashley is way too good-looking for that alien. As cute as Ashley is, Anna blew her outta the water on a number of different levels. Anna is a bikini model and she redefines sexy. And no doubt, just like Decker’s wife, Jamie, Anna is a freak too. I would not be shocked at all if Decker and Welker swapped wives every now and then. I mean, wouldn’t you?

Now onto QB’s…

Ashley Manning



4. Ashton Wilson



Talk about a Smokesmash from Hell. Holy shit, this is tough. I like Ashley because she is tall, has a great smile, great body, and she is brunette. Peyton should be trying to have a kid right now because, no doubt,  its top notch breeding with her.

I like Ashton because she has blue eyes, a great smile, and a great body. Both chicks seem very loyal due to the fact that it was tough to find any photos of them without their husbands. So who wins?

I gotta go with Ashton on this one. The photo of her sitting down in that white dress with her legs crossed was the deciding factor. Tough decision, but Ashton wins.

Due to a great performance by the receiving core of the Denver Broncos, the donkeys pull it out in a close Superbowl Smokesmash victory over the Seahawks in a final score of 2-1.


….Keep your eyes peeled for post game swinger parties held by Welker and Decker…No doubt they will be fucking each other’s wives…

By: Dago Joe


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