Ben Scrivens is standing on his head right now and might as well run for Mayor of Edmonton

Edmonton Oilers goalie, Ben Scrivens, is absolutely robbing the Sharks right now. I haven’t seen this many saves in 2 periods ever. 42 fucken saves! The guy came to play in front of his TRUE hometown crowd. He grew up in Edmonton, following in the steps of the great Grant Fuhr. The crowd even gave him a standing O in the the middle of the 2nd.

So far he’s robbed Desjardins, Nieto, Kearns, Demers, and Marleau twice, while Wingels and Thornton both dinked one off the post. Scrivens is robbing everybody. Literally everybody. He’s like the Ex-Presidents in Point Break. Robbing banks left and right. If I had to pinpoint which Ex-President he is right now, I’d say….

….REAGAN for sure…Just like Bodhi, he’s runnin the show and he isn’t fuckin around….”ELLO, ELLO, ELLO LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!

Fuck you respectably Mr. Scrivens. F.U.


Dago Joe


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