Sharks Recap

The entire world knows by now that Ben Scrivens set the post-expansion record with a 59 save shutout. I watched the entire game, and the guy deserved it. Ben stood on his head and took no prisoners. It wasn’t like these shots were easy saves. To be honest the Oilers defense was pretty shitty from the get go.

1st period: The Sharks dominated the 1st period. Out shot, out hit, and out skated the Oilers. I was really impressed by Tommy Wingels. He was flying around the ice like a mad man finishing off all of his hits, not turning the puck over, and setting up quality shots with pristine passes. Unfortunately, Scrivens came to play and robbed the Sharks on 2 separate Powerplays. In the middle of the period, Marleau lost a face-off in our zone, puck got dumped back to Oilers defenseman, Justin Schutz. Niemi gets screened, and Schutz throws it at the far corner of the net for a goal. Right before the Mike Brown and Matt Hendricks fight broke out towards the end of the period, Scrivens stoned Andrew Desjardins on a quick one timer. Then the fight broke out…

What a classic hockey fight. It looks like Hendricks was gonna completely dominate the entire fight. He had more control on his skates and he was throwing Brown around like a rag doll. Luckily, he didn’t land any of the haymakers he threw, but he still muscled Brown down to the ice. At this point, I thought Brown was as dead as Bernie Lomax in Weekend at Bernie’s. Just full blown dead, someone shoulda helped Brown up to look alive.

weekend at bernies

So how does Brown react after being manhandled to the ice?…

…Like a fuckin Man. He didn’t want to get embarrassesd. He pops up and connects with two left hooks, sending Hendricks to the ice. The first one stunned Hendricks so badly, the second one wasn’t even needed. But who’s to judge that? Brown sneaks in one more before sending him home. Hendricks left the ice with a bloody nose and most likely a minor concussion. And THAT is how its done…

2nd period: Scrivens robs Matt Nieto in the 17th minute after what seemed to be an empty net for Nieto. Scrivens then stones Kearns in the 11th with a top shelf glove save. Seconds after, he steals one from Demers and Scrivens receives a standing ovation from his hometown crowd. At this point, there was no chance of getting anything by Scrivens. Both Wingels and Thornton scraped the post and then Marleau got his pocket picked twice in a row just under two minutes remaining in the period. Scrivens finishes with 42 saves in 2 periods.

3rd period: Sharks looked like they knew they were destined to lose. They looked like Aaron Hernandez in court. Completely hopeless. Not even a sense that they had a shot of winning. Taylor Hall scored his 19th goal of the season against Niemi 6 minutes in because Justin Braun didn’t get his stick in the passing lane. Then Jordan Eberle caps off the Oilers win with the 3rd goal of the night with a couple minutes left. Oilers won the game for 2 reasons. 1. Scrivens stood on his head and set the NHL record. 2. They put bodies in froth of Niemi. They screened him all night. If the Sharks woulda screened Scrivens, once, just ONCE. They coulda got into a groove and scored a few times. Instead, the night goes down in NHL history.

The Sharks haven’t scored in the last two games after getting shutout by the Kings on Monday night 1-0. Weirdly, everyone on the Sharks got a shot on goal last night except Joe Pavelski, after having 18 goals in the past 21 games. Tonight, I feel the Big Pavelski is gonna have a great game against the Flames, Sharks win, and snap the 2 game losing streak.

By: Dago Joe


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