Dubs Stomp Clippers

The Dubs looked great last night. Curry was 4 for 4 from downtown with 22 points and 7 assists, Barnes 10/15 from the field, and Andrew Bogut went absolutely HAM in the paint putting up a double-double with 14 points and 17 rebs. Great to see the Aussie grabbing boards while his brother from an American mother, David Lee, posted a double-double with 22 points, 11 rebs, and 4 assists. Everyone on the Warriors contributed last night, and it was great to see a stomp down like that after losing by 3 to the Wizards at Oracle on Tuesday night. I have to say, watching Mo Speights get hung in the 2nd was pretty funny. It was even funnier that he was able to get a bucket off his rebound after being embarrassed. Speights needs to lift some weights.<–See what I did there? Unlike Speights, Barnes was able to get up…And 1?

Griffin still put up 27 but the Clippers weren’t able to make anything in the 3rd, going 1/14. Bogut hit a rare deep field goal midway through the 3rd with his foot on the 3-point line. And when that happened, the Clippers knew it was over. The Dubs’ lead increased to 20 with four minutes left in the 3rd and the game ended with a Dubs’ victory 111-92. Stagnant at 7th in the West, and 4 games back from the Clippers in the Pacific, I dedicate this win to Andrew Bogut…

Dubs are -6 against the Jazz tonight in Mormon world. I’m confident that we cover and boost are standings in the Pacific. GO DUBS.

By: Dago Joe


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