Hugh and Buffett, Clairvoyant Manatees pick the Superbowl Winners

Prior to this video, Dr. Gaspard didn’t know the camera was rolling and what he said is quite disturbing. They tried to destroy all evidence (by that I mean, they are from Florida and don’t know how to do that, so they simply put a line through the transcribed text).


*Dr: Joseph Gaspard Ph.D: “I live in Florida, but I decide to wear a beanie and grow a beard to look badass. I use “Touch of Gray” because I hope chicks will think I am intelligent and distinguished. T of G is my ticket to Pleasure Town. No more V card for this guy, bitches. For some reason, there is a Ph. D next to my name? I told the producers who filmed this clip that I need to see a DOCTOR because I can’t stop shaking my fuckin head when I speak and I don’t want to get mistaken for Michael J. Fox. They must have heard differently and thought that I said I have a DOCTORATE. But the truth is, I’m a dumbass from Florida. I’m proud that I am famous for something so stupid. Oh and by the way, I’ve raped Hugh and Buffett on three separate occasions.”

Whoa whoa whoa, Mr. Gaspard. Did you think the camera was off? I heard every word you said, and you sir, are one sick bastard. All of you Florida people are twisted. From zombie bums hyped up on bath salts and eating each other to animal molesters like yourself, the entire state of Florida needs a good ass beating. Joe, you will never be mistaken for Michael J. Fox because you’re not half the man he is nor will you ever be.

This reminds me of “Blackfish”. How about the asshole Florida Seaworld owner? Killer whales need to be in the wild, not in captivity. I hope you both get raped by Tilikum and then eaten alive. Die slow.



free tilly*What is quoted by Joseph Gaspard Ph.D is not true. Derf.

By: Dago Joe


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