NFL is done, what do we do now?

What a shitty Superbowl. It wasn’t even close, and I completely thought that it was gonna be the exact opposite score. Superbowl 68, (we’re not Romans, so fuck using their numerals) was pretty damn bad. Highlights included: Broadway Joe flipping the coin too early in his awesome fur coat, the Halftime show, and seeing a safety occur on the 1st play of the game. I’m not a Bruno Mars fan, whatsoever, too be honest I think he’s a douche, but the guy knows how to put on a show. They shoulda let the Chili Peppers play way more songs than simply “Give it away”. And somebody definitely became or woulda became a millionaire after making a drunk $100 bet for a safety happening as the 1st play of the game. Sad thing is that when it happened, the guy who made this bet got ecstatic because the odds of that happening are absolutely ridiculous and he woulda won HUGE. But then he got so let down after he couldn’t find his ticket stub. If only…if only…



joe bp Quarterback Joe Namath Relaxing at Home

I find watching the NFL as the best entertainment on the market. Period. I’m pretty devastated that the season is over. There’s nothing better than sitting on my couch all day and watching Redzone (of course I mean when the Raiders are away). It’s the best form of entertainment, and I’ve gotten into the NFL vs. College football argument a ton of times, and I will always stay faithful to the NFL. After attending a D1 school, I can’t argue that game days were some of the best days of my life, even though we sucked, but when it comes to the actual football being played, the NFL shits on College. College isn’t as entertaining for a few reasons…1. It’s slower 2. It’s too easy for offenses to gain yards 3. The players aren’t as athletic. 4. It’s SLOWER. 5. The NCAA added a stupid ejection rule that can completely ruin an entire game. I love the NFL so much because it is the best of the best and it’s fast as shit. I also really enjoy the fact that every game is a chess game between coordinators where as college is moreso system vs. system. The majority of college players don’t pan out in the NFL because they were thrown into a college system that hides their weaknesses. In the NFL, there is no room for that shit, it’s too talented.

While the NCAA is ruining college football with this new ejection rule, the NFL is ruining the game as well. I understand that too many players deal with horrible mental issues after retirement, and I do want the league to look after the players when it comes to concussions. But there needs to be a definitive black line when it comes to these new rules dealing with helmet to helmet contact and any contact on the quarterback. This year, it was too gray, and the refs need to be consistent when they make these calls. It looked like some of the playoff games were fixed this season (NFC Championship-Niners got hosed the entire game).

However, I get why the NFL is trying to protect the QB’s. They protect big names like Brady, Brees, Manning, and Rivers because these guys are what make the NFL so entertaining. So when a big name like Brady gets injured for the entire season, the ratings drop drastically because fans don’t wanna see shit backup QB’s throwing picks all day and losing games. This does work both ways, though. Look at Nick Foles. The guy finally gets to start and absolutely dominates. I witnessed his perfect QB passing rating against the Raiders, and I’ve seen a lot of great QB’s play at the coliseum, but that was by far the best performance. He had more TD’s than incompletions. He shredded the Raiders D worse than Steve Buscemi’s body at the end of Fargo.

He was pretty funny though…

The NFL also needs to crack down on post play celebrations and the endless amount of shit talking. Every single fuckin play there is a celebration. It’s getting annoying. Act like you’ve been there before. Watch film on Barry Sanders. Guy would score a TD then would hand the ball to the ref. A true Class Act. Some of these players are so obnoxious that they celebrate even when their team is down by 50. Look at the scoreboard, dumbass, you’re losing by 50. So stop acting like you just won the Superbowl for a tackle you made when you’re TEAM is getting blown out on national television. While some of these celebrations are entertaining, the every play shit needs to stop. You get paid millions of dollars to make catches and tackles, so don’t get up and act like you just cured fucking cancer. Do your job and play the game. The NCAA had to crack down on shit like this for Miami’s antics in the 80’s, and so does the NFL…

That shit is pretty funny, but it gets old play after play.

So what do we do with our Sundays now?…

I have no fuckin clue.

Thank you NFL for another great season. I’m gonna miss you.


Dago Joe


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