The Dubs Roller Coaster Ride Continues

As I said two days ago, we were destined to lose to the Heat. It’s like the basketball gods wanted this stupid loss-win-loss pattern to continue and send the Dubs into the All Star Break with a loss.  We may have been trailing most of the game, but when we got the lead back in the 4th quarter I had faith. I had as much faith in the Dubs as Bruce Bochy did in Barry Zito when he gave him the start in game 1 of 2012 World Series. What did Zitty do? Against all odds he nutted up and won. Literally every single sports analyst thought Zito was gonna get lit up against the Tigers. Similar to Zito, mostly every single sports analyst thought the Heat were gonna beat the Dubs at home last night. Now, what did the Warriors do?

The Warriors choked. They flat out choked. The 4th quarter was something out of the playoffs and it isn’t shocking that Lebron gets every single call in his favor. Under 2 minutes, Lebron and Iggy were tied up, call of course goes to the queen. Seconds later, Lebron gets away with an obvious carry. No call. Then the back-and-forth race for the lead began. Iggy hit a nice fade over Shane Battier, but Lebron immediately answered with a clutch 3. Curry then tied it up with a quick 2, but with roughly 25 seconds left, Lebron drove and, of course, we get called on a soft foul. He misses his free throw and the Dubs get possession and call a TO with 23.3 seconds remaining. This means the Dubs shoulda had last shot. Don’t give them the ball with any time left! Instead, Curry evades the double team, drives, hits the layup and gets fouled, leaving 14 seconds on the clock after hitting his free throw. Curry scored way too early. Way too early. The Heat decided not to call a TO, inbounded the ball to Lebron on a deep pass, and the rest is history.

Double team wouldn’t have done a thing.

The bromance between Curry and Lebron is starting to diminish. Curry is sick of looking like a little kid who needs Bron Bron’s mentorship. He is a grown ass man, now. In the the 2012/2013 season, he surpassed Ray Allen for the most 3 pointers made in a season with 272. Curry is not a little kid anymore, Lebron. He is one of the best players in the league right now and he put up 29 against arguably the best defense in the NBA. Selected as an All Star, Curry will also be competing in the 3-point contest and is a heavy favorite while teammate Harrison Barnes out of North Carolina will compete in the dunk contest. Why aren’t you competing in the dunk contest Lebron? 

lebronandcurry curry1 curry2

By: Dago Joe


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One response to “The Dubs Roller Coaster Ride Continues”

  1. L. Alger says :

    That was probably the best game I’ve seen all year. You guys are so spoiled that you get to watch Steph play day in and day out.

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