Derf of the Day

SAN FRANCISCO (BCN) — A man stole a watch from a jewelry store near San Francisco’s Union Square on Sunday afternoon, police said.

Around 1:45 p.m., a man in his 30s entered a store near the corner of Grant Avenue and Post Street, said he was shopping for his fiancee and asked to see several rings, according to police.

He claimed he was a record producer and said he also wanted to look at watches. A saleswoman showed him a watch, and he said he needed one with more “bling,” according to police.

The saleswoman then gave him a watch with a diamond face and a platinum bezel to look at. He put the watch on his wrist and looked at it in a mirror, police said.

When the employee asked for the watch back, the man ran out of the store with the watch still on, according to police.

Shreve and Co. is located at that corner, but an employee there declined to comment on the robbery today. By Mario Sevilla watch2“Enough bling, sir?”

Derf: a word used to describe the dumbest of actions. Usually used as an insult, it is known to be most effective when shouted.

Introducing jewelry sales woman, Sally Derfrickson. The dumbest sales person in San Francisco. I coulda walked into that store and told Sally I was Patrick Swayze (RIP) and she woulda believed me. I mean this guy claimed to be a record producer? Attempting to sell rap CD’s in the Tenderloin doesn’t make a person a record producer. Before handing him a watch with a diamond face and a platinum bezel (whatever the fuck that is), it might be smart to ask the guy what record label he works for or maybe a list of the records he has produced. Sally, if you hear answers like Trill Bill from the TL or Yung Nasty Cuz, you might not wanna hand the guy a watch that expensive. Just a thought. Good luck telling your boss that you thought a crackhead from the TL was a famous record producer. You woulda been in the clear if Ol Dirty Bastard was still alive and came into your store to buy a watch. He was a rich, famous rapper that looked like a crackhead. But then again, he also collected food stamps, so he probably woulda robbed you too and lost you your job. Charlie Croker in the building.

Image“If my daughter, she’ll fall on the floh, I wouldn’t pick her up, I tell her to Get UP. Wipe yo self off.”

By: Dago Joe


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