Dubs Beat Rockets in OT

It was the first time I’ve attended a Warriors basketball game at Oracle in years. Probably almost a decade. I was fortunate enough to attend game 4 of the playoffs last season against the Nuggets in Denver. My ticket was only $12 and although we lost, it was a great experience to see playoff basketball live.

Last night’s game was very similar to a playoff game. Oracle was fully alive and on fire. Steve Blake’s 1st ever game in a Warriors jersey was successful for a couple reasons. 1. The Dubs won. 2. He hit a clean 3 on his 1st ever shot attempt as a Warrior in the face of 7 footer Donatas Motiejunas.

Whether or not he hit a shot after that is irrelevant. With playoff experience under his belt, he is a great addition to the team and he will be a valued off-the-bench player for the Dubs.

I was glad to see Jermaine O’Neal back in action and shutting down the baby, Dwight Howard. I was really impressed by Jordan Crawford who had 12 points. The guy has a dirty jumper and I swear he gets 8 feet off the ground every time he shoots. David Lee had an outstanding game with 28 points and 14 rebs, but holy shit did he almost cost us the game at the end of the 4th and in OT. He kept trying the same exact post-up move and turning the ball over. Learn from your mistakes, and don’t do the same fuckin thing 3 times in a row if it isn’t working. It was frustrating, but Curry saved his ass with the game-tying layup high off the left side of the glass to send the game into Overtime.


James Harden is absolutely unstoppable. He has his own twist on making fundamental basketball look so skilled. His play isn’t boring like Tim Duncan. He knows how to create space and score points with style. Nobody on the Dubs could stop him last night. Harden went off for 39 points, stealing 2 at the end of OT.


Jermain O’Neal did get dunked on pretty badly by Howard in regulation, but he saved the game with a huge blocked dunk in OT.


Great win for the Dubs. We are -6 against New Jersey tomorrow night at home.

By: Dago Joe


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