Smokes at The Oscars

The Oscars were absolutely boring. Holy shit, probably the worst Oscars I’ve ever seen. Maybe I was just pissed that Marty Scorcese didn’t win anything for Wolf of Wall Street and same with Leo. They both got hosed. The Academy is a bunch douchebags anyways. That movie is way ahead of their time. I thought the selfie was pretty funny and the pizza delivery, but everything else was pretty shitty. Oh and of course Matt Mcconaughey quoting his character, David Wooderson, from Dazed and Confused at the end of his speech…”Alright, alright, alright”

But now lets look at the top 5 smokes…

1. Jessica Biel


2. Angelina Jolie



3. Kate Hudson


4. Jennifer Lawrence


5. Sandra Bullock


By: Dago Joe


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