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Bay Area Sports Hall of Fame 2014

1. Tony LaRussa, A’s manager 1986-1995


2. Owen Nolan, Sharks Captain 1998-2003


3. Jim Hines, 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist

4. Bob Lurie, Giants Owner 1976-1993

5. Bob Ladoucer, De LA Salle Coach,151-straight wins

All 5 of these Bay Area legends will be inducted on May 7, and two months later, Tony will join Cooperstown. I can say that I grew up watching Tony and the A’s, and Owen Nolan, while I witnessed De La Salle RB/LB DJ Williams run over SoCal squids from Mater Dei under coach Ladoucer. The other two, well, congrats. Tony LaRussa led the A’s to 3 straight World Series from 1988-1990. Losing to the Dodgers and Reds, he won the 1989 title in the Battle of the Bay Series over the Giants. The 1989 earthquake at The Stick was absolutely crazy and may or may not have helped the A’s out. Regardless, Tony was a great manager, and as his years progressed with the A’s, he had to deal with winning on a low budget (as does every A’s manager). The A’s are now broker than Vince Young, well not that broke, but close. The Coliseum is a dump and they really need to get the A’s outta Oakland. In the last season, the Coliseum flooded with sewage 3 different times:

The bigger issue, though, was in the A’s coaches’ shower and bathroom area, where sewage tends to back up during storms. The runoff drains and pipes to the coaches’ room apparently cross at one point, leading to semiannual problems, plus the playing field is 22 feet below sea level and the clubhouse is 13 feet below.

On Saturday, that meant a flood in the coaches’ bathroom and showers.

“It’s flowing like lava,” catcher Kurt Suzuki said. “The sound it makes is amazing.”

At one point, sewage was flowing out of the faucets, Suzuki said.

One A’s employee said it sounds as if the plumbing is “possessed” when sewage starts coming back up. “Glub, glub, glub,” he said.

“This is bad,” coach Mike Gallego said, shaking his head.

It was the third time this season the Coliseum has had sewage issues; the A’s and Mariners had to share the Raiders’ locker room to shower in June when flooding rendered both teams’ clubhouses unusable, and at the start of this homestand, the A’s dugout was flooded after a toilet backed up.

Is this a third world country for fuck sake? These guys are major league baseball players! Get em a new stadium. NOW. If I was Tony, I woulda left Oakland too. The place is a dump and they need to get the A’s a new stadium.

With that said, I don’t want the Raiders to move. Tailgates in the Coliseum parking lot are awesome and so is watching football in that dump. Football is meant to be played in a stadium like that. I am still in shock that the Niners are moving to Santa Clara. The City moved one of the most historic teams in the country to Santa Clara…Santa Clara? The fans will be tailgating with wine and cheese and during the game they will be tweeting on their iPads about how cool they are because they are at a football game. “Yay Niners, yay #Ninersaresocool #Ilovefootball #imadouchebagtweetingduringafootballgame.” All of the peninsula techy nerds are going to ruin the Niners fan base (well not ruin it, but geek it up). Sucks for them. #RaiderNation.

That was a bit of a tangent but that needed to be said.  “Take it easy man.”

Moving onto Owen Nolan. Perhaps one of the greatest Sharks of all time. Everyone who has loved the Sharks as long as I have remembers Owen and The Tuck. He rocked The Tuck better than anyone.owen4

I’ll never forget his years under Daryl Sutter and his teammates: Jeff Friesen, Tony Granato, Mike Vernon, Vinny Damphousse, and of course, Mike Ricci. Ricci was the best workhorse on the team and he defined the hockey smile….


…and he definitely didn’t have a hard time getting the ladies.

What was great about Nolan is that he was a tough sonovabitch. He loved to hit and he certainly wasn’t afraid to fight. There aren’t too many Captains similar to Nolan these days.

And for the record, fuck Eddie Belfour…


Hey Eddie, don’t fight the hotel security when you have a hooker in your room! Pepper spray looks good on you…

                           PORTRAIT OF A SCUMBAGeddie1eddie3 

When Owen announced his retirement in 2012, he was ranked 71st on the NHL list of career goals, 33rd in power play goals, and 100th in points.owen5

He will always be remembered as one of the toughest and most skilled Sharks of all time. Thanks for the great years and Happy 42nd birthday, Owen! And lets not forget when he called his goal for a hat trick in the 1997 All Star Game on his home ice.

Cited: Susan Slusser              <—–Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

By: Dago Joe