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Bryan Stow Case Shines a Light on Sports Rivalries

LOS ANGELES (KRON) — The two men who attacked Dodgers fan Bryan Stow are heading to state prison after pleading guilty to mayhem, assault and battery, and inflicting great bodily injury charges.

Under the terms of the plea agreement 31-year old Louie Sanchez will serve eight years in state prison. 30-year old Marvin Norwood will get four years.

Both could have faced up to eleven years if a jury had convicted them of assaulting Stow, a South Bay paramedic who was wearing a Giants jersey at Dodger’s Stadium during the Opening Day game in 2011.

Witnesses at a preliminary hearing testified Stow was sucker punched then and kicked in the ribs. He suffered traumatic brain injuries when he fell and hit his head on the pavement.

In victim impact statements read before sentences were handed down, Stow’s father called the defendant’s “cretins.” David Stow said the time the two spend in prison “is insignificant compared to what Bryan must endure.”

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This case certainly did get a ton of media attention. Poor guy is never gonna be the same, and he will have to raise his daughters with brain damage. It’s horrible to hear news like this, and I hope these to thugs learn a lesson in prison. Whether or not Stow was running his mouth to these guys, both sides gotta realize that when it push comes to shove, they are not the ones making millions of dollars. They are simply fans. I understand that fans can be “diehard”, but that doesn’t mean you have to go beat someone or kill someone because they are wearing rival colors. The Dodgers and Giants rivalry has been around since both the teams were in New York in the late 19th century. Yes it is one of the most historic rivalries in baseball and I can understand the bitterness between fans. I hate LA fans and LA fans hate SF fans. That’s how it is and how it will always be.

But, I realize I’m not a player, and I’m not making the big bucks. There’s absolutely no need to fight over this shit. I’m not in a gang and I don’t represent black & orange as my “colors”. People take it to that level and that’s when shit gets bad. This past season a 24 year old Dodger fan was stabbed to death in San Francisco, and the case didn’t get half as much media attention. It’s weird that both parties were from Northern California, and it’s very unfortunate someone lost their life over being a fan.

Same shit happens when the Niners and Raiders play each other. People getting stabbed left and right. It’s so fuckin stupid. Raiders season tickets have been in my family since the 60’s and growing up in  the 90’s, I can say that I seriously did feel bad for fans wearing opposing colors. During tailgates and games, they faced all kinds of harassment, from beers being thrown at them to defending themselves in fights. It was ugly and it was pure trashy. Nowadays, the tables have turned. Raiders fans are a lot classier (I’m not talking about the idiots who dress up like it’s Halloween and don’t know the difference between Pistol formation and Power-I). I’m saying that all of the harassment and bullshit that used to happen doesn’t happen so much anymore. Nowadays, it’s nice to go to games and see smokes in yoga pants from Danville, Walnut Creek, and Alamo playing beer pong and flip cup at tailgates. It’s also nice not seeing fights during the games. I can’t tell you how many fights I saw as a little kid at Raiders games. It never made sense to me seeing Raiders fans fighting other Raiders fans. Glad that doesn’t happen anymore. It’s probably because ticket prices have increased, keeping all the trash at home to watch the games.

Candlestick on the other hand, turned into a Norteno rally over the past decade. I’m not saying all of the Niners fans at the Stick were gang affiliated but a lot of them used Niners jerseys as disguise. They were the exact same as Raiders fans in the 90’s, pure trash. Picking fights with their own fans and trash talking elders who have had season tickets for decades. There is a reason why the lights when out during the Niners Monday Night Game at the Stick two seasons ago. It wasn’t on accident. It was to show the entire nation that it was time for the Niners to move to a new stadium. By doing so, it gives the organization an entire new look and fan base. Why the Niners moved outta the city? I have no idea. But, at least the players will have nicer facilities and the fan base will completely shift from gang bangers to techy nerds and rich peninsula corporations. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, and the rest of the tech companies will make up the new Niners fan base at Levi Stadium. It’s gonna be funny, but at least fans won’t have to deal with the bullshit they had to deal with while at The Stick.

A few years ago, the NFL said the Raiders and Niners will never play again in regular season. That was a crock of shit because we play the Niners at home next season and it’s guaranteed that all of the trashy fans from both sides of the Bay will come out just to start shit. I’ll set the over/under of stabbings at 5.

By: Dago Joe


Remembering Rod “Shooter” Beck

Christmas parties always brought out the best in Rod Beck. They epitomized him, really. There were games, karaoke, plenty of booze and a mix of people who came because they loved the guy everyone called “Shooter.” Here he was, an All-Star closer making millions of dollars. And when they asked what to bring, his guests were told to bring a toy. Beck and his wife, Stacey, wanted to make sure Toys for Tots had plenty of gifts for the children.

 It sounded like a Hallmark card, but it was true. Beck was nothing if not genuine. He was a normal guy who usually called everyone “dude,” who instead of asking a clubhouse attendant to pick up his used, dirty towels, would ask him to go share a smoke.

“His image was not something he was,” says Tim Wakefield, Beck’s teammate from 1999-2001 in Boston. “He had a huge heart, and was so humble. He was so full of life.”

 Rodney Roy Beck, a name that even sounds like a cocktail, was usually with a Coors Light and a KOOL cigarette, and “he wasn’t no pop hitter,” said Dusty Baker. “That’s what they’d call you back in the day, pop hitter.”

Baker knows. He ‘d never had a sip of alcohol before arriving in the minor leagues in 1967, when his first manager saw him drinking soda and told him he wasn’t carrying no pop hitters on his roster. Beer or water only, Dusty quickly learned. 

 “Back in the old days he would’ve really been accepted,” Baker says, “because [beer drinking] was the norm.”

 When he arrived in San Francisco as a rookie in 1991, with Baker as the hitting coach, Beck needed no introduction to the old school. He was it.

Beck was 34 and a year removed from Tommy John surgery when he drove from Phoenix to Des Moines by himself and parked his RV camper next to his workplace, behind the right-field fence. And when the light was on, that meant anyone could stop by for a beer. When the light was off, the Iowa closer was sleeping in preparation for the next day’s game.

By Amy K. Nelson |

Rod Beck was ahead of his time. He defined what it meant to be a true GAMER on and off the field. The guy loved drinking Coors Lights, lived in a trailer parked outside his minor league stadium in Phoenix, smoked Kool cigarettes, and did coke off of his own baseball cards. What was that last one? He did coke off of his own baseball cards? Yes, the police found cocaine and a rolled up bill on top of his Giants baseball card at the crime scene of his death. Name one player nowadays who is that cool. NOBODY will ever be as cool as Beck. Absolutely nobody. 

rodbeckcard rodbeck1

“He had that Fu Manchu, that menacing glare, the stare, the dangling right arm,” says Barney Nugent, the Giants’ former assistant athletic trainer, who first met Beck in 1991. “That mullet blowing in the Candlestick breeze all the time. … It was, ‘Me against you, and I’ll tell you, I’m going to win. There’s no way that I’m gonna lose.’ That was Shooter, and everybody could respond to it.”

When it came to pitching the fuck outta the baseball and striking fear into every batter you faced, you were the man, Rod. You were IT. Nobody wanted to face you. You were a REAL AMERICAN.

(And we know you would never through the flag down like Kenny P.)

As we prepare for the 2014 baseball season, it is vital to remember gamers like Beck. While he may have liked to party a lot, the guy was a class act and a great teammate. Everybody loved him. Nowadays, baseball players walk around like they are the cream of the crop. I understand that these guys are making millions of dollars, and the ego is built from a fat paycheck, but it would be nice to see some ordinary guys. Rod was just THAT. Fans were able to relate to him and they loved him. 

Unfortunately, Beck fought his own demons and his disease of addiction took his life at the young age of 37 on June 23, 2007. He was buried in his Cubs uniform, but Giants fans will never forget his glory days from 1991-1997.

As a 22 year old rookie in 1991, Beck finished with a 3.78 ERA, pitched 52 1/3 innings in 31 games and struck out 38 while walking only 13. In 1992, he became the regular closer taking over for the current Giants’ pitching coach, Dave Righetti, finishing with 12 saves and a 1.76 ERA. The following year, Beck recorded 48 saves (yes 48 fuckin saves), and 24 of them were consecutive. Beck was a beast, setting 2 Giants franchise records for most consecutive saves and most saves in a season. In his final year with the Giants, at age 28, Beck pitched 70 innings and finished with 38 saves, both of which were the most recorded since his 1993 season.

When the Giants were 1 game back of the Dodgers in 1997, Beck proved his veins were full of ice. In their matchup on September 18 at the Stick, Beck came into the game at the top of the 10th with a score of 5-5. He gave up 3 consecutive hits, and loaded the bases with no outs. Dusty Baker then makes a visit to the mound, talks to Beck, and decides to keep him in. Any normal baseball fan watching that game thought Beck was gonna get pulled, but Dusty stuck with his gut and kept him in. Shooter strikes out Todd Zeile looking for out #1. He then got pinch-hitter, Eddie Murray, to hit into a double-play. The sold-out crowd at Candlestick went crazy, and so did Beck after his clutch performance (1.12). In the 12th, Brian Johnson hit a walk-off home run  and the Giants would go on to win the NL West. EAT SHIT LA. As a Giant, Beck finished with 199 saves and a 2.97 ERA over 7 years. He joined the Cubs in 1998 where he recorded the most saves of his career, 51.


Beck you are gone but never will be forgotten. RIP, Go Giants.

rodbeck3 rodbeck4

Can in left pocket…GAMER.

By: Dago Joe

Pablo Slimming Down

Giants general manager Brian Sabean recently suggested that the prospect of a huge payday after the 2014 campaign could’ve compelled portly third baseman Pablo Sandoval to lose some weight this offseason, according to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe.

“Perhaps his pending free agency might be his best medicine,” said Sabean.

Sandoval, who’s spent the last six seasons with the Giants, has struggled to manage his weight throughout his career, and Sabean recently said he’d only consider a contact extension with Sandoval if the 27-year-old reports to spring training in shape. With free agency looming, Sandoval obviously heeded Sabean’s advice, and recently posted a photo of himself looking considerably slimmer.

By Jonah Birenbaum on Jan 26 2014, 7:15 AM


Pablo on Instagram straight flexin’. I’m glad he is finally getting into shape again, but lets be honest, once he signs a contract to abort his free agency, I guarantee he puts the weight back on. Is Pablo a better player when he is slimmer? Any fan could argue that 1. He is faster and 2. He is a better fielder. But is he a better hitter? I would say no. A fat man is a happy man because he gets to eat what he wants, when he wants. If he’s happy, he’s hitting well.

Look at that happy Panda…


Now, what does he make the big bucks for? To hit the shit outta the baseball. HITTING. So, Sabean coming out of left field saying free agency is lighting a fire under Pablo’s ass completely diminishes the reason why he is paying him in the first place. He hits better when he’s fat, so let him eat! Stop trying to Perkisize Pablo!

Let the Big Panda eat!

By: Dago Joe