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NCAA Back At It

The NCAA apparently has rules about everything when it comes to college athletics.

Even pasta eating.

A list of benign secondary violations that Oklahoma’s athletic department reported to the NCAA included one bizarre anecdote: According to The Oklahoman, three unnamed Sooners athletes ate more food during a graduation banquet than NCAA rules allow. The violations occurred on May 10, 2013, according to the newspaper.

The specific item overindulged on was pasta.

To have their eligibility reinstated, the three had to donate $3.83 each (the cost of the pasta servings) to charities of their choice.

Although the players were not identified, offensive linemen Gabe Ikard and Austin Woods took to Twitter to fess up for piling on the pasta and claim they paid $5 for the food.

By Jake Trotter |

There is a reason I agreed with the Northwestern Football team for starting a college player’s union. For bullshit like this. I have no words for these corrupt motherfuckers hiding behind the letters “NCAA”. How can there even be a rule like that?

“Excuse me sir, you are not allowed to eat that much, or you will lose your eligibility to play college football.”

What the hell did you just say? I’m a hungry offensive lineman, and I feel like eating what I want. Eat a dick.

“Well since you decided not to listen to us, you owe us exactly $3.83 each if you want your eligibility reinstated.”

I’m glad the players made a joke about it and decided to pay $5 claiming that they ate more than $3.83 worth. Good for them exploiting stupid rules like this.





“No! Don’t listen to her! I ate nachos for lunch and I think I just sharted. Ewww.”

By: Dago Joe


Northwestern Football Team starts 1st Ever College Players Union


The football team at Northwestern University is leading a fight off the field. Players are filing papers to create the first labor union for college athletes. They want to ensure safety, and they want to be paid.

For the last three years, quarterback Kain Colter was a leader on the field at Northwestern University, and on Tuesday he led something very different – the charge to unionize college sports.

The NCAA is a multi-billion-dollar-a-year enterprise. Top-tier football teams like the University of Texas and Notre Dame are worth hundreds of millions in revenue for their programs.

NCAA rules prohibit athletes from being paid to play, but they can receive compensation in the form of scholarships and living expenses.

CBS News’ Michelle Miller asked Colter whether that was enough.

“We’re very grateful for the education that we get, and we put in hard work to obtain the degree at the end of the day,” he said. “There are essential rights and benefits that we’re missing out on.”

Colter says athletes are missing out on fully funded athletic scholarships, due process for alleged NCAA violations and guaranteed coverage for medical expenses for current and former players.

“You have to think down the line. These are our lives, and we want to make sure that we’re protected,” he said.

In order to be recognized as a union, the players have to prove they’re employees of the university, a claim the NCAA flatly rejects, saying in a statement, “This … attempt to turn student-athletes into employees undermines the purpose of college: an education. Student-athletes are not employees, and their participation in college sports is voluntary.”

The National Labor Relations Board will hold a hearing Feb. 7 to determine the fate of the union.

Leave it up to a smart yet talented football team to finally start a Union. The NCAA is absolutely shitting themselves right now because they have made billions of dollars from the unpaid blood, sweat, and tears of college athletes. They make money off of free labor. These athletes aren’t getting paid, whatsoever, so who does? Yes, the school, who gives most of them scholarships. But in the bigger picture, the NCAA is the organization making the biggest buck. Fuck the NCAA and all of their bullshit rules. If they are making millions of dollars a year from these unpaid athletes, they better let them party their asses off of recruit trips. The NCAA shouldn’t be turning players like Johnny Football into villains.

I’m sick of hearing the NCAA bad mouthing him and saying shit like, “Oh, Johnny Football is too much of a partier.” Get off his fuckin back. If you were 20 years old the season after winning the HEISMAN TROPHY. Yes, the HEISMAN TROPHY. What the fuck would you be doing? I’ll tell you that the majority of us wouldn’t be locked up, studying Bible scripture like Tim Tebow. So eat a bag of dicks, NCAA. The majority of us would be partying and banging as many smokes as we could while the fame lasted. Party on Johnny, party your ass off all the way to the 2014 NFL Draft.

Oh and ladies, please only approach him 2 at a time…ImageImageImage

By: Dago Joe