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Bryan Stow Case Shines a Light on Sports Rivalries

LOS ANGELES (KRON) — The two men who attacked Dodgers fan Bryan Stow are heading to state prison after pleading guilty to mayhem, assault and battery, and inflicting great bodily injury charges.

Under the terms of the plea agreement 31-year old Louie Sanchez will serve eight years in state prison. 30-year old Marvin Norwood will get four years.

Both could have faced up to eleven years if a jury had convicted them of assaulting Stow, a South Bay paramedic who was wearing a Giants jersey at Dodger’s Stadium during the Opening Day game in 2011.

Witnesses at a preliminary hearing testified Stow was sucker punched then and kicked in the ribs. He suffered traumatic brain injuries when he fell and hit his head on the pavement.

In victim impact statements read before sentences were handed down, Stow’s father called the defendant’s “cretins.” David Stow said the time the two spend in prison “is insignificant compared to what Bryan must endure.”

stow1 stow4 stow2 stow3

This case certainly did get a ton of media attention. Poor guy is never gonna be the same, and he will have to raise his daughters with brain damage. It’s horrible to hear news like this, and I hope these to thugs learn a lesson in prison. Whether or not Stow was running his mouth to these guys, both sides gotta realize that when it push comes to shove, they are not the ones making millions of dollars. They are simply fans. I understand that fans can be “diehard”, but that doesn’t mean you have to go beat someone or kill someone because they are wearing rival colors. The Dodgers and Giants rivalry has been around since both the teams were in New York in the late 19th century. Yes it is one of the most historic rivalries in baseball and I can understand the bitterness between fans. I hate LA fans and LA fans hate SF fans. That’s how it is and how it will always be.

But, I realize I’m not a player, and I’m not making the big bucks. There’s absolutely no need to fight over this shit. I’m not in a gang and I don’t represent black & orange as my “colors”. People take it to that level and that’s when shit gets bad. This past season a 24 year old Dodger fan was stabbed to death in San Francisco, and the case didn’t get half as much media attention. It’s weird that both parties were from Northern California, and it’s very unfortunate someone lost their life over being a fan.

Same shit happens when the Niners and Raiders play each other. People getting stabbed left and right. It’s so fuckin stupid. Raiders season tickets have been in my family since the 60’s and growing up in  the 90’s, I can say that I seriously did feel bad for fans wearing opposing colors. During tailgates and games, they faced all kinds of harassment, from beers being thrown at them to defending themselves in fights. It was ugly and it was pure trashy. Nowadays, the tables have turned. Raiders fans are a lot classier (I’m not talking about the idiots who dress up like it’s Halloween and don’t know the difference between Pistol formation and Power-I). I’m saying that all of the harassment and bullshit that used to happen doesn’t happen so much anymore. Nowadays, it’s nice to go to games and see smokes in yoga pants from Danville, Walnut Creek, and Alamo playing beer pong and flip cup at tailgates. It’s also nice not seeing fights during the games. I can’t tell you how many fights I saw as a little kid at Raiders games. It never made sense to me seeing Raiders fans fighting other Raiders fans. Glad that doesn’t happen anymore. It’s probably because ticket prices have increased, keeping all the trash at home to watch the games.

Candlestick on the other hand, turned into a Norteno rally over the past decade. I’m not saying all of the Niners fans at the Stick were gang affiliated but a lot of them used Niners jerseys as disguise. They were the exact same as Raiders fans in the 90’s, pure trash. Picking fights with their own fans and trash talking elders who have had season tickets for decades. There is a reason why the lights when out during the Niners Monday Night Game at the Stick two seasons ago. It wasn’t on accident. It was to show the entire nation that it was time for the Niners to move to a new stadium. By doing so, it gives the organization an entire new look and fan base. Why the Niners moved outta the city? I have no idea. But, at least the players will have nicer facilities and the fan base will completely shift from gang bangers to techy nerds and rich peninsula corporations. Facebook, Google, Twitter, Yahoo, and the rest of the tech companies will make up the new Niners fan base at Levi Stadium. It’s gonna be funny, but at least fans won’t have to deal with the bullshit they had to deal with while at The Stick.

A few years ago, the NFL said the Raiders and Niners will never play again in regular season. That was a crock of shit because we play the Niners at home next season and it’s guaranteed that all of the trashy fans from both sides of the Bay will come out just to start shit. I’ll set the over/under of stabbings at 5.

By: Dago Joe


Marshawn + Dutch blunt + Fireball=

You can take Marshawn outta The Town, but you can’t The Town outta Shawn.

This video is great. Marshawn notices that this person has fireball at 0.21. Then his eyes blow up, and he isn’t able to speak because his mouth is covered, so he points. When the BEAST points, you better catch a clue and give him what he wants. FIREBALL. Nothing pairs better than Fireball and a Dutch blunt. Nothing.



By: Dago Joe

Jerry Rice: A Football Life


After watching NFL Network’s, A Football Life, I can honestly see why Jerry Rice was the Greatest of All Time. I’ll put my hatred of the Niners aside for the next hour…

Early Years

What I learned about Jerry is that he grew up outside a small town in Mississippi known as Crawford, his Dad was the local mason, and he loved to chase horses. Jerry would spend up to 45 minutes chasing and then catching the fastest horse in town, Petey. When he wasn’t chasing horses, he was working with his brothers and his father, catching bricks all day. No wonder Jerry was the best receiver of all time. The guy grew up chasing horses and catching bricks. Yes, chasing horses and catching fucking bricks. That is how you build the greatest receiver of all time.

As he grew older, he would go on to attend Mississippi Valley State University playing under coach Archie Cooley. Cooley designed a pass heavy offense for Jerry and star QB, Willie Totten. The two paired up nicely and together they earned the nickname “The Satellite Express”. At MVSU, Jerry broke 18 Division 1 records and recorded 28 TD’s during his senior year. Due to the small-school factor, almost every coach in the NFL looked beyond him, except Bill Walsh.


Rookie Years

Jerry only ran a 4.7/40 yd dash, but he still caught the eye of Bill Walsh, head coach of the 49ers. I can’t believe he only ran a 4.7. The best receiver of all time ran a 4.7? Absolutely crazy. However, football genius, Bill Walsh noticed Rice’s explosiveness and knew he would be a great fit for his West Coast offense. In fact he was drawing up plays for Jerry before they drafted him. During the 1985 draft, the Niners made a deal with the Pats to jump up to #16 in order to draft him. As soon as Jerry showed up to training camp with the Niners he was in awe. Small town guy now in a big city, go figure. In his 1st season, he dropped a lot of balls. While he felt like a complete failure, he still recorded 49 catches for 927 yards and earned the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year. Late in the season in a Monday Night game against the Rams on December 9, 1985, Jerry set the single game franchise record for receiving yards with the help of Joe Montana.


Joe is quoted, “Jerry wasn’t the fastest guy, but he had a knack to get behind defenders, if he saw the football in the air he would go get it because he knew it was his. I remember when he scored 5 TD’s on Atlanta in his 2nd season because nobody could guard him 1 on 1.”

Jerry learned a hard work ethic from his father at a young age, and he never lost it. He was known for his intense work out regimen which was centered around a 2 1/2 mile sprint up a mountain. Terrell Owens said he had to stop and rest a few times, while stating about Jerry, “that man is no joke, the man is a beast.” Jerry’s fear of failure is what kept him on his toes and he defined “strong work ethic” to many of his teammates.

Superbowl Years

Joe Montana and Jerry would lead the Niners to victory in Superbowl 23. Jerry had 11 catches for 215 yards and a TD beating the Bengals 20-16 and earning the Superbowl MVP. After the game, the media was more so focused on Joe Montana instead of Jerry, so Jerry spoke out. Not affecting his relationship with Joe whatsoever, the two would guide their team to the Superbowl the following year. The Niners beat the Broncos 15-10 and Jerry dominated the game with 7 catches, 148 yards, and 3 TD’s. Unfortunately, 3 of the team leaders: Roger Craig, Ronnie Lott, and Montana would leave the Niners during the offseason.

The stormin’ Mormon, Steve Young, joined the Niners that year, and Jerry wasn’t used to catching balls from a lefty. It took a lot of practice until the 2 clicked, but when they finally did, they were unstoppable. They reached the NFC Championship two years in a row, in 92′ and 93′, but lost both times to the Cowboys. America’s team? Ya right, fuck  Jerry Jones and the cowdicks. Then “Primetime” Deion Sanders joined the other side…

While Deion may have been cocky, he backed it up, winning the 1994 defensive player of the year. The Niners played the Cowboys again in the NFC Championship, this time, coming out victorious 38-28. In preparation for the Superbowl, Jerry wanted his teammates to stay in and stay focused. Deion, of course, wanted to party. A few nights before the game, the two got into a heated argument, which almost ended up in a fist fight. That would be some fight, huh? I would take angry Jerry over Deion any day. I would even bet a G that he would knock out Deion within 30 seconds of the fight.

The Niners ended up smoking the Chargers 49-26 and took the Lombardi Trophy back to San Francisco. Jerry had an outstanding game: 10 catches, 149 yards, 3 TD’s. Over the course of 3 Superbowls, Jerry had: 28 receptions, 512 yards, and 7 TD’s. OUTFUCKINSTANDING.


Later Years

Jerry was always known to be the best dressed player on his team on or off the field. He would even comb his hair before putting on his helmet. He was a perfectionist and he defined the motto of “look good, feel good, play good.” During the late 90s, the “play good” portion of his creed became unseen by his coaches. He was no longer viewed as an elite wideout after the Niners acquired young stars, Terrell Owens and JJ Stokes. He was certainly aging but his tough work ethic never faded away. His daughter, Jacqui (smokeshow) found him sawing off his cast the night before a Monday Night game at The Stick against the Broncos. How did he perform? He caught a TD with a bum knee.


In his final home game at The Stick against the Bears on December 17, 2000, coach Steve Mariucci wanted Rice to be Jeff Garcia’s #1 target. In the first 30 plays, Jerry was targeted on 15 of them. So the Bears began to double-team him, leaving Terrell Owens in single coverage. Garcia and TO took advantage of this, and TO went on to break the all time NFL record for most receptions in a game with 20 (Brandon Marshall now holds the record with 21). Jerry was quite upset that the day wasn’t focused on him anymore, so he asked Mariucci to put him back in with 1 minute left. Garcia aired out a deep ball to him over the middle of the field, and the crowd went crazy. The Niners carried Jerry off the field in his historic last home game at The Stick.


In 2001, at age 39, Jerry was picked up by the Oakland Raiders and pulled in 175 passes in 2 seasons from Rich Gannon. The Raiders met the Bucs in Superbowl 37 and got smoked. Why did the Raiders get smoked? 1. Gruden knew the entire playbook because dumbfuck coach Bill Callahan didn’t change a thing. 2. Rich Gannon was a baby squid and didn’t throw the ball over the wide open middle (when he finally did, Rice scored a TD).

Rice joined the Seahawks at age 42, and at 43, he wasn’t able to earn a starting spot with the Broncos, so he finally retired.

Jerry Rice truly is the Greatest of All Time. He holds a plethora of NFL records including: most career receptions (1,549), most career receiving yards (22,895), and most career TD receptions (197). Inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2010, Jerry was the King of YAC and there will never be another GOAT.

By: Dago Joe

NFL is done, what do we do now?

What a shitty Superbowl. It wasn’t even close, and I completely thought that it was gonna be the exact opposite score. Superbowl 68, (we’re not Romans, so fuck using their numerals) was pretty damn bad. Highlights included: Broadway Joe flipping the coin too early in his awesome fur coat, the Halftime show, and seeing a safety occur on the 1st play of the game. I’m not a Bruno Mars fan, whatsoever, too be honest I think he’s a douche, but the guy knows how to put on a show. They shoulda let the Chili Peppers play way more songs than simply “Give it away”. And somebody definitely became or woulda became a millionaire after making a drunk $100 bet for a safety happening as the 1st play of the game. Sad thing is that when it happened, the guy who made this bet got ecstatic because the odds of that happening are absolutely ridiculous and he woulda won HUGE. But then he got so let down after he couldn’t find his ticket stub. If only…if only…



joe bp Quarterback Joe Namath Relaxing at Home

I find watching the NFL as the best entertainment on the market. Period. I’m pretty devastated that the season is over. There’s nothing better than sitting on my couch all day and watching Redzone (of course I mean when the Raiders are away). It’s the best form of entertainment, and I’ve gotten into the NFL vs. College football argument a ton of times, and I will always stay faithful to the NFL. After attending a D1 school, I can’t argue that game days were some of the best days of my life, even though we sucked, but when it comes to the actual football being played, the NFL shits on College. College isn’t as entertaining for a few reasons…1. It’s slower 2. It’s too easy for offenses to gain yards 3. The players aren’t as athletic. 4. It’s SLOWER. 5. The NCAA added a stupid ejection rule that can completely ruin an entire game. I love the NFL so much because it is the best of the best and it’s fast as shit. I also really enjoy the fact that every game is a chess game between coordinators where as college is moreso system vs. system. The majority of college players don’t pan out in the NFL because they were thrown into a college system that hides their weaknesses. In the NFL, there is no room for that shit, it’s too talented.

While the NCAA is ruining college football with this new ejection rule, the NFL is ruining the game as well. I understand that too many players deal with horrible mental issues after retirement, and I do want the league to look after the players when it comes to concussions. But there needs to be a definitive black line when it comes to these new rules dealing with helmet to helmet contact and any contact on the quarterback. This year, it was too gray, and the refs need to be consistent when they make these calls. It looked like some of the playoff games were fixed this season (NFC Championship-Niners got hosed the entire game).

However, I get why the NFL is trying to protect the QB’s. They protect big names like Brady, Brees, Manning, and Rivers because these guys are what make the NFL so entertaining. So when a big name like Brady gets injured for the entire season, the ratings drop drastically because fans don’t wanna see shit backup QB’s throwing picks all day and losing games. This does work both ways, though. Look at Nick Foles. The guy finally gets to start and absolutely dominates. I witnessed his perfect QB passing rating against the Raiders, and I’ve seen a lot of great QB’s play at the coliseum, but that was by far the best performance. He had more TD’s than incompletions. He shredded the Raiders D worse than Steve Buscemi’s body at the end of Fargo.

He was pretty funny though…

The NFL also needs to crack down on post play celebrations and the endless amount of shit talking. Every single fuckin play there is a celebration. It’s getting annoying. Act like you’ve been there before. Watch film on Barry Sanders. Guy would score a TD then would hand the ball to the ref. A true Class Act. Some of these players are so obnoxious that they celebrate even when their team is down by 50. Look at the scoreboard, dumbass, you’re losing by 50. So stop acting like you just won the Superbowl for a tackle you made when you’re TEAM is getting blown out on national television. While some of these celebrations are entertaining, the every play shit needs to stop. You get paid millions of dollars to make catches and tackles, so don’t get up and act like you just cured fucking cancer. Do your job and play the game. The NCAA had to crack down on shit like this for Miami’s antics in the 80’s, and so does the NFL…

That shit is pretty funny, but it gets old play after play.

So what do we do with our Sundays now?…

I have no fuckin clue.

Thank you NFL for another great season. I’m gonna miss you.


Dago Joe

Marshawn Keepin’ it Smoove

Superbowl Media day is a joke, so why not treat it like one? Marshawn isn’t shy, he just doesn’t like people sticking microphones in his face, and the fact that the NFL fined him $50 K for not speaking to the media the entire season is a crock of shit.

Not sure how blunted Shawn is in this video, but that’s beyond the point.

Deion: “You look good.”…..Shawn: “Shit, you do too.”

The fact that Deion had to ask him if he was alright, was a bit outta line. C’mon Prmetime, he’s smoove. He’s about that ACTION. He speaks the truth. He isn’t out there running his mouth, he’s a team player. He’s not bragging about himself, his beastmode performance on Sunday will speak as his words. I say he has a great game, but the Seahawks just aren’t as good as the Broncos. Broncos win 31-24.

Is the fam gonna be there?……Shawn: “Town buiness gonna be in the building.”…Translated: All of Shawn’s homies will be in New York


By: Dago Joe

Sherman Dominates jersey trash reporter…

Listen to how dumb this chick sounds…

“All of yous football guys goin inta the strip club…and throwin, RAIning down on these strippers, I think that’s a bad example for arr yung ladies, how can we stop that? Cause I think its a bahd example that we settin for arr young girls that they need to be strippas. How do we deal with that issue?”

Wow lady, do yourself a favor and never talk again. Here you are trying to blow up Sherman’s spot after he’s been under the microscope since his post NFC Championship rant. And instead of accomplishing your goal of embarrassing him, you embarrassed yourself by sounding dumber than Miss Teen USA from South Carolina in 2007. Ahhhhhhh…….DERFFFFF!

For the record, I hate Richard Sherman.

Sherman +1,000

Full Retard Jersey reporter -1,000

By: Dago Joe

Who Surfed Better?

JJ Watt at the Pro Bowl…

Or Beyonce at the Grammys…

I’ve watched Beyonce’s performance about 50 times now, and she’s a hard 10 no doubt. Holy Toledo, what a perfect fuckin body. She plays craps and rolls double 5’s every time. HARD 10, HARD 10, HARD 10. I’m mesmerized.

Ok lets move back to, Who Surfed Better?

I’m gonna have to give this one to JJ… Why you ask? He paddles hard, pops up quicker than my little D watching Beyonce perform, and his stance is perfect. Guy isn’t fuckin around. Beyonce is simply swinging those fine hips of hers back and forth, which is fine with me, but that isn’t even close to good form Yonce.

JJ Watt +1

Beyonce + whatever the fuck she wants because she’s Queen B

56th GRAMMY Awards - ShowBeyonce-Jay-Z-Backstage-Grammy-Awards-2014beyonce1 beyonce3

By: Dago Joe

Marshawn Beastmode Lynch: The Funniest Man in Football

“Oh ya this spot hot. PLAYTIME.”

“They let me pour my own drinks, I love the sound it makes, so much power.”

“Who is Beethoven?” Whether or not he was really questioning this, the guy is outright funny. I seriously don’t know why he doesn’t have his own reality TV show. It wouldn’t be like the rest of these stupid reality TV shows where the producers tell non-actors to act, and the show turns out so horribly fake and scripted. A show with Marshawn would be a goldmine. I would love to produce a TV show for Marshawn that followed him around during the offseason. I would title it “Marshawn Madness”. You wouldn’t have to write any script for him, he is funny as hell and if you filmed him non-stop, it would be the funniest TV show on the market.

He is naturally funny. He lives in the moment and he is always looking for a way to make people laugh. Marshawn grew up in a low-income neighborhood just like Richard Sherman. The difference between the two is that Sherman is a cocky, loud-mouth from SoCal and Marshawn is the funniest football player in the NFL. I mean how can you not think this guy is funny? (0.37)

Unlike Sherman, Marshawn isn’t saying that he “is better in life” than useless sports journalists. Marshawn is making friends, not burning bridges and embarrassing himself on national television. He makes the best out of anything he does. Whether its football, interviews, TV shows, or celebrating a win at Cal.

Marshawn Lynch played football and basketball at Oakland Tech. One of his high school teammates, was former Boston Celtics player Leon Powe. Now lets think of another athlete to come out of Oakland, California…….Ricky Henderson. The thief himself. Another guy somebody should have made a reality TV show about. Rickey spoke about Rickey’s greatness. Rickey once received a 1 million dollar check from the Oakland A’s and instead of cashing it, he framed it and put it on his wall.

Back to Marshawn. The man with “Oakland” tatted across his chest. A true legend in the making.

Let me tell you a quick true story about Marshawn. Marshawn was once late to football practice during his days at Cal. As he was leaving the weight room, he noticed a ginger rugby player, my buddy Neil, sitting outside, waiting for his teammates to finish lifting. (Note: Rugby players share the same facilities as football players because they are D1 at Cal, not club). Neil was sitting down, propped up next to his bike when Marshwn approached him and said, “Hey man I’m really late to practice, can I have your bike to get to the football field?” Neil at first said, “No, this my bike, I need it for transportation.” After Marshawn offered him a deal, Neil, like anyone else would have done, accepted Marshawn’s offer. Marsahwn said “Here you can have my helmet, I’ll just tell coach I lost it.” Neil then said, “Ok, but can you sign it for me.” “Ya man of course.” To this day, Neil has a Marshawn Lynch signed Cal football helmet. Marshawn signed the helmet in black sharpie on the yellow Cal logo. What did Marshawn do when he showed up to practice? He told Jeff Tedford he lost his helmet. Tedford told the little equipment manager to go get Marsahwn a new helmet. End of story.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a photo…notice the #10 on the back of the helmet? Autograph may be faded, but the story will always remain permanent.


Tedford, your days are over. Pete Caroll, yours won’t be for awhile, but don’t ever tell Shawn what to do.

And Shawn, of course I remembered to use spell check. One day, I hope I can make a reality show about you. Skittles for days. You are the funniest player in the NFL. Thank you.

Nobody can put the team on the back like you Marshawn. Get off me child’s play! Darren Sharper….


Hold ma dick!

By: Dago Joe