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Dubs Beat Rockets in OT

It was the first time I’ve attended a Warriors basketball game at Oracle in years. Probably almost a decade. I was fortunate enough to attend game 4 of the playoffs last season against the Nuggets in Denver. My ticket was only $12 and although we lost, it was a great experience to see playoff basketball live.

Last night’s game was very similar to a playoff game. Oracle was fully alive and on fire. Steve Blake’s 1st ever game in a Warriors jersey was successful for a couple reasons. 1. The Dubs won. 2. He hit a clean 3 on his 1st ever shot attempt as a Warrior in the face of 7 footer Donatas Motiejunas.

Whether or not he hit a shot after that is irrelevant. With playoff experience under his belt, he is a great addition to the team and he will be a valued off-the-bench player for the Dubs.

I was glad to see Jermaine O’Neal back in action and shutting down the baby, Dwight Howard. I was really impressed by Jordan Crawford who had 12 points. The guy has a dirty jumper and I swear he gets 8 feet off the ground every time he shoots. David Lee had an outstanding game with 28 points and 14 rebs, but holy shit did he almost cost us the game at the end of the 4th and in OT. He kept trying the same exact post-up move and turning the ball over. Learn from your mistakes, and don’t do the same fuckin thing 3 times in a row if it isn’t working. It was frustrating, but Curry saved his ass with the game-tying layup high off the left side of the glass to send the game into Overtime.


James Harden is absolutely unstoppable. He has his own twist on making fundamental basketball look so skilled. His play isn’t boring like Tim Duncan. He knows how to create space and score points with style. Nobody on the Dubs could stop him last night. Harden went off for 39 points, stealing 2 at the end of OT.


Jermain O’Neal did get dunked on pretty badly by Howard in regulation, but he saved the game with a huge blocked dunk in OT.


Great win for the Dubs. We are -6 against New Jersey tomorrow night at home.

By: Dago Joe


The Dubs Roller Coaster Ride Continues

As I said two days ago, we were destined to lose to the Heat. It’s like the basketball gods wanted this stupid loss-win-loss pattern to continue and send the Dubs into the All Star Break with a loss.  We may have been trailing most of the game, but when we got the lead back in the 4th quarter I had faith. I had as much faith in the Dubs as Bruce Bochy did in Barry Zito when he gave him the start in game 1 of 2012 World Series. What did Zitty do? Against all odds he nutted up and won. Literally every single sports analyst thought Zito was gonna get lit up against the Tigers. Similar to Zito, mostly every single sports analyst thought the Heat were gonna beat the Dubs at home last night. Now, what did the Warriors do?

The Warriors choked. They flat out choked. The 4th quarter was something out of the playoffs and it isn’t shocking that Lebron gets every single call in his favor. Under 2 minutes, Lebron and Iggy were tied up, call of course goes to the queen. Seconds later, Lebron gets away with an obvious carry. No call. Then the back-and-forth race for the lead began. Iggy hit a nice fade over Shane Battier, but Lebron immediately answered with a clutch 3. Curry then tied it up with a quick 2, but with roughly 25 seconds left, Lebron drove and, of course, we get called on a soft foul. He misses his free throw and the Dubs get possession and call a TO with 23.3 seconds remaining. This means the Dubs shoulda had last shot. Don’t give them the ball with any time left! Instead, Curry evades the double team, drives, hits the layup and gets fouled, leaving 14 seconds on the clock after hitting his free throw. Curry scored way too early. Way too early. The Heat decided not to call a TO, inbounded the ball to Lebron on a deep pass, and the rest is history.

Double team wouldn’t have done a thing.

The bromance between Curry and Lebron is starting to diminish. Curry is sick of looking like a little kid who needs Bron Bron’s mentorship. He is a grown ass man, now. In the the 2012/2013 season, he surpassed Ray Allen for the most 3 pointers made in a season with 272. Curry is not a little kid anymore, Lebron. He is one of the best players in the league right now and he put up 29 against arguably the best defense in the NBA. Selected as an All Star, Curry will also be competing in the 3-point contest and is a heavy favorite while teammate Harrison Barnes out of North Carolina will compete in the dunk contest. Why aren’t you competing in the dunk contest Lebron? 

lebronandcurry curry1 curry2

By: Dago Joe

A Roller Coaster Ride with the Warriors

Last night at Oracle was Wilt Chamberlain bobble head night, which was fitting. What was even more fitting…Mo Speights having the game of his life against his old team. Speights went 12 of 15 from the field with 32 points. Off topic, Mo really needs to do something about that wart or whatever the fuck that is on his head. That thing has taken on an identity of its own. I heard it goes by the nickname “Mort” these days. Short for Mort the Wart. Mort is a little bit shy and tends to hide from photographers. However, he can be seen in these 2 photos chillin with Mo on the top right portion of his head…

Mo Speights1mospeights2Mo could take a note from Uncle Buck… “Not her wart. Not her wart. I’m..I’m the wart. She’s my tumor, my, my growth. My uh my pimple.I’m “Uncle WarT”. Just old Buckwart Russell. That’s what they call me. Or, a, melanoma head. They’ll call me that. “Melanoma head’s” comin.”

Uncle Buck rules…now back to the Dubs.

The Dubs beat the Sixers last night 123-80, but lets not get too excited, it was only the Sixers. I’m proud of Mo and Mort, but we have issues to deal with right now. The past 5 games have been a roller coaster. Beat the Jazz 95-90, lose to the Bobcats 91-75, beat the Bulls 102-87, lose to the Suns 122-109. So after our win over the Sixers last night, we are destined to lose to Bron Bron and the Heat tomorrow night.

Against the Bobcats on Tuesday, February 4th, Oakland transformed into Turnover City after the Dubs turned the ball over 16 times. David Lee wasn’t fully healthy and Harrison Barnes didn’t play to his full potential. Regardless, 16 turnovers was a recipe for destruction. The Bulls game was an entirely different story. With Bogut and Lee out, the team showed character and rallied to comeback and win 102-87. It was also great to see Draymond Green dunk on Joakim Noah and go nuts afterwards. Then a loss to the Suns and a win over the Sixers continued the up-and-down roller coaster ride with the Dubs.


1. Bogut is out with a left shoulder injury and will not be playing against the Heat tomorrow.

2. Jermaine O’Neal will sit another one out with his newly repaired right wrist.

3. David Lee still isn’t fully healthy and is expected to play C tomorrow night with Draymond Green at PF.

4. Harrison Barnes is lacking consistency.

The good thing is that the All Star Break is right around the corner and injured players will have some time to rest. I hope we don’t continue this pattern and we are able to upset the Heat at home tomorrow night.

By: Dago Joe

Dubs Stomp Clippers

The Dubs looked great last night. Curry was 4 for 4 from downtown with 22 points and 7 assists, Barnes 10/15 from the field, and Andrew Bogut went absolutely HAM in the paint putting up a double-double with 14 points and 17 rebs. Great to see the Aussie grabbing boards while his brother from an American mother, David Lee, posted a double-double with 22 points, 11 rebs, and 4 assists. Everyone on the Warriors contributed last night, and it was great to see a stomp down like that after losing by 3 to the Wizards at Oracle on Tuesday night. I have to say, watching Mo Speights get hung in the 2nd was pretty funny. It was even funnier that he was able to get a bucket off his rebound after being embarrassed. Speights needs to lift some weights.<–See what I did there? Unlike Speights, Barnes was able to get up…And 1?

Griffin still put up 27 but the Clippers weren’t able to make anything in the 3rd, going 1/14. Bogut hit a rare deep field goal midway through the 3rd with his foot on the 3-point line. And when that happened, the Clippers knew it was over. The Dubs’ lead increased to 20 with four minutes left in the 3rd and the game ended with a Dubs’ victory 111-92. Stagnant at 7th in the West, and 4 games back from the Clippers in the Pacific, I dedicate this win to Andrew Bogut…

Dubs are -6 against the Jazz tonight in Mormon world. I’m confident that we cover and boost are standings in the Pacific. GO DUBS.

By: Dago Joe

Dubs Win, Splash Bros win Bigger

After nearly two weeks of searching, the Warriors finally rediscovered a sense of their identity Sunday night.

They followed their leader, Stephen Curry – who was sensational on both ends of the court in providing a conductor for their free-flowing offense and point-of-attack effort for their gritty defense – and chalked up an impressive 103-88 victory over Portland.

The Warriors (27-18) needed this one after slipping on defense in losing four of their past five and leaving questions about whether they were truly Western Conference contenders. Until they beat Portland (33-12), which had won seven of nine and is the conference’s third-best team, the Warriors had gone 4-10 against the other seven teams in position to make the playoffs.

With the victory, they Warriors picked up a half-game on the Clippers and Houston – moving 3 1/2 games back of the Clippers atop the Pacific Division and 1 1/2 back of the Rockets for fifth in the Western Conference.

Rusty Simmons
Updated 8:59 pm, Sunday, January 26, 2014

Atta way Dubs. Curry goes off for 38 points, 7 Rebs, and 8 assists. And don’t forget his flawless gold kicks he sported for the Grammy’s.Image

If this means Curry is gonna put up 38 every time he wears gold kicks, then get the man a million pairs. I want his locker filled with GOLD everything. Gold socks, gold wristbands, gold boxers, even a gold fuckin mouthpiece. He obviously believes in “look good, feel good, play good.” So if that takes flossing out Curry’s locker with gold, then the Warriors organization should absolutely do it.

Meanwhile, fellow Splash Brother, Klay Thomspon dominated Hooters by getting caught in an Instagram photo looking at one of the chick’s tits. Ya you can call him a perv, but I guarantee Klay brought all 9 of those chicks back to his hotel room.


Curry + 38

Thompson +9



By: Dago Joe